LEGACY Twin LNB stupid question?!


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Dec 16, 2003
All right...maybe stupid question but I'm going to ask it anyway....

Can I install a switch, inside the house, on one of the cables coming out of the LNB and going to my High Def television that will enable me to use my 811 and my 508 at the same time?

Or do I need a quad?

I am running one other receiver downstairs on the Legacy twin....

Thanks in advance.
i don't see why he can't? he asked if he could install a switch at the house, ideally it should be near the sat but it doesn't have to be. you told him to instead use a sw44, which is a switch :rolleyes:
Ah, crap. I screwed up

Since he has a TWIN, he would have to replace it with a Quad OR a DP Twin & a DP34. A SW44 will not work. You would need 2 DUALS for that...

So your options are...replace with Quad....or Replace with DishPro Twin & a DP34
Can't do dish pro twin because my third receiver is an old 3000 that must be legacy right?

can I install another legacy twin on that dish?

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