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Oct 30, 2006
Got the Life's Good 32LH30 for Christmas and have been trying to find a remote code since then. I have called Dish support and they gave me 520, 678, 512, 522 and 657 and none of these worked. I have tried all of the GoldStar (heard this is what LG used to be) codes and none of those worked. I also tried the Scan for Device Codes. Went for about 20 minutes with no luck.

Anyone know the correct code? Please help.
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Oct 16, 2008
Booneville, AR
i have an LG too, not the same model, and while i found a code that worked, somewhat. i opted to get a 21.0 model remote from dish cause the code i used just didn't work for all the buttons. with the 21.0 remote, i programmed every command on my TV remote and all is good now. i also have a LG receiver too and couldn't use it with it either. with the learning remote plus simplelink(which is on my receiver and tv, not sure if yours has that fuction) they both work by only using the remote in the tv mode. hope you get yours working, sorry i have no code though.

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