LIght TV coming to some of the fox stations O&O

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  1. Light TV, a new, 24-hour faith and family entertainment network designed to tap into MGM’s library of titles, is being launched next month by Roma Downey, Mark Burnett and MGM in partnership with a number of Fox stations and affiliates. Plans for the channel were reported about a year ago when the studio agreed to buy the 45% stake it didn’t own in its United Artists Media Group joint venture from Downey, Burnett and Hearst, and then named Burnett as president of its Television and Digital Group. The venture, which will also develop original programming, now has a name and a plan.

    The seven-day per week broadcast network already has signed up affiliates in top markets, where it will air on the subchannels of Fox stations, including New York (WNYW), Los Angeles (KTTV). Chicago (WFLD), Philadelphia (WTXF), Dallas (KDFW) – Houston (KRIV), San Francisco (KTVU), D.C. (WTTG), Atlanta (WAGA), Orlando (WOFL), Phoenix (KSAZ), Minneapolis (KMSP) and Charlotte (WJZY).

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  3. I can see Touched By An Angel as the first show when it launches....
  4. Anyone have an affiliate list?
  5. At the moment Fox O and O. Hooefully other companies like tribune,Hearst and so on to hook up with it.
  6. Try RabbitEars
  7. I think Highway to Heaven, Touched by an Angel and 7th Heaven. Will this have religious programming also as it is a 'faith and family network', or just TV shows suited for the family?
  8. My impression is that they plan to primarily show scripted series and movies with "faith and family" themes; I don't get the impression they plan to have any directly religious preaching or teaching.
  9. Eventually it will. As for a major media group outside the ABCOTS, CBS Corporations, FOXOTS (or as my grandchild calls it FARTOTS), NBC Universal, that could be anyone....Don't get your hopes up because if Hearst gets it then there goes your Decades/Heroes and Icons...
  10. Yeah all ya big city sinners in the FOXOTS markets now got you a family oriented channel to watch to keep you out of trouble....haha just kidding with you.....I look for Light TV to zoom over 90 markets real quick...
  11. I wonder since MGM is beyond this channel, I wonder if they would decide to run a streaming component.

    MGM already permits their Sinclair channels (Comet & Charge!) to be streamed.

    With Green Acres & Sea Hunt, I would not mind an online stream.
  12. Raycom Station in Harrison,ARK.
  13. KICU 36 (known now as KTVU Plus) has indicated that they'll be carrying "The Light" on 36.5 for the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose area. It's not on the air yet. Anyone have a start date for the service?
  14. What is going on with Light TV's website?

    I figured by now they'd have a mostly functioning website.

    I was told on their Facebook Page by a third party, there are rumors that Light TV will have an online stream.
  15. KICU 36.5 is now on the air with Light TV for the San Jose - San Francisco - Oakland market. It came on a few days ago while I was away on vacation.
  16. Next question is it even marginally worth watching?
  17. There is one on wikipedia. In addition to the Fox O&O, it is on low power stations in Tuscaloosa, AL; Harrison, AR; Colorado Springs, CO; Boise, ID; Detroit, MI; and Las Vegas, NV; and full power (as a .2 or .3 or whatever) in Fresno, CA; Indianapolis and South Bend, IN; Tulsa, OK; and Greenville, SC. Disclaimer, this is from wikipedia.
  18. ahh crap been so busy, I hadn't noticed it has replaced Cozi on KWHB in Tulsa. :mad::(
  19. My mom loves this channel for me it doesn't interest me at all.
  20. LIVE in DALLAS CH 27.5. How much are they going to destroy the video quality on CH27 with 5 subcarriers????
  21. Still nothing in Houston, geez it's taking long.
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