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Jul 18, 2004
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I'm just wondering if it's just me or does YOUR LIL look like crap?
I noticed it a few nights ago and have been paying closer attention since. It seems that the PQ is going up and down on different shows and at different times of the day. I was watching "Bones" and it looked like there were only 16 colors being rendered. Not 16.7 million, just 16.

Other shows are VERY dark. Or the contrast is wacky. Other stuff like that. Wonder if it's due to the amount of compression being used?

I flipped over to OTA and the stations all looked fine that way.

Any ideas??
It depends upon which city's LIL's you are getting. Being in Los Angeles and also getting New York locals, gotta say that we are lucky because those 2 mega markets have quite good LIL picture quality most likely because of large populations (potential number of complaints). Even the Superstaions from Boston and Denver don't look quite as good. Unfortunately, it is common for our good folks in middle to small markets to have to suffer with some serious compression issues on the LIL's. So, wherabouts do you live? That's your answer. But do complain to Dish.
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I'm seeing everything you describe, with WCWW and WSJV and being particularly unwatchable. I can pick up WSJV via OTA, but I have to pay for the super stations package just to be able to watch Smallville.

I have complained to Dish repeatedly about the lousy picture quality of the South Bend locals with no resolution. I even sent them a DVD with incidents from 9 separate nights, and the Dish "engineers" at the head end still insist that it's isolated to my house; that they didn't see any issues during those times. They even replaced my 921 with a free 942 last year to "fix" the issue (which, of course, it didn't).

I am researching a switch to D*, because of the crappy E* locals, and because E* still doesn't carry LOGO. My only real hesitation is that the HR20 OTA tuners are currently disabled, and there are times my 942 is recording 3 shows at once.
It's not an isolated issue, SB locals are crap here too. The ONLY reason I switched to E* from D* was because D* does not carry WHME, and I have to have my fix of IU basketball during the winter.
Varies by Network

Here in DE - I pick up the Philly locals.

naturally for ABC/NBC/FOX/CBS, I watch the HD versions.

But, for Philly 57 (which was UPN, now CW) - the picture quality is terrible. It looks like they're giving it 1MB of bandwidth or something. All blocky, blurry. Yuck.

Thank God the only reason I watch it is for the occasional Phillies game they broadcast.
I also get the Atlanta locals, and I think I get good quality reception. WSB-TV just went HD for their local news broadcast last evening. I get a signal strenght around 80-85 on 129. I'm a happy camper.
mxd said:
Hard to tell, I had a tree getting in the way when I had D*, had the tree removed when DishNet was installed.
It's been over a year since I switched. I do remember that in the winter, with no leaves on the tree, D*'s pq did seem to be a little better than what I have now.

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