Link Another Router to my uVerse Router To Extend wi-fi range?


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Sep 18, 2008
My uVerse (standard 2Wire) router is upstairs and I need a wi-fi signal downstairs as the downstairs signal is very weak. I have an Ethernet cable run (75') to downstairs from a port on the uVerse router. Is it possible that I can connect my Linksys E2500 N router to that Ethernet cable and somehow have wi-fi from the Linksys downstairs?

If it's possible, what steps do I need to take, cable & software wise with my Linksys router please? Perhaps I have to change the sub-net or something else like that. I'm kind of a rookie when it comes to this.
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Nov 17, 2003
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I dont think you can put a 2nd router on the 1st one (although I'm not the most computer savvy so I am probably wrong)

I use a booster/extender that works great. I have the name different than the actual router name (the default is usually the router name_EXT) so I can connect to either one with ease. Different passwords too ;)


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Aug 9, 2013
dangerousdave It is possible to connect any router via Ethernet cable and get extended wireless network from it. It is also possible to use router in Bridge mode to get extended wireless network even without any cable between two routers, however not all routers can work in bridge mode. I have made several routers to work in this configuration. Do not go advanced mode, just try to use automatic settings.


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Sep 4, 2004
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It works. Usually pretty simple procedure. I have 2 routers daisy chained at my sister's house to cover the 2nd floor and other end of house. Had 2 at my previous that worked flawless for 3 yrs.

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Just have a single DHCP server. Turn that function off on the "slave" router and plug 'er in. I've done that more than once. Easy.
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Sep 18, 2014
Preferably use a wifi "Access Point." If you already own the second router, then yes you can use it. Connect to the LAN port and leave the WAN port unconnected. Statically assign it an address on your network outside of the DHCP range of your main router. And yes make sure you turn off dhcp on the second router.

Not familar with Home type Range extenders as I deploy wifi mainly in Commercial environments.
They may work ok too.


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May 5, 2007
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Many modern routers have an "Access Point" setting that accomplishes the goal turning a router into an access point (basically turning off the DHCP server and forwarding requests for DHCP upstream. You still want to have the DHCP client functionality enabled unless you want to deal with setting a static IP (problematic with routers; especially if you swap out the 2wire for another gateway or a dedicated router at any point) Bridging in the purest sense of the technology is something that you probably don't want to deal with as it requires a special kind of routing be set up on both routers.

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