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Oct 13, 2007
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for fun programs and GREAT music on WION! If you're new to our stream, it's TRUE AM STEREO! (better than many other streams sound!!)

FRIDAY NIGHT 6 TO 9 PM Popeye John has 3 hours of Classic Rock! Leave him a request TODAY at 844-700-WION, and like his show's page on Facebook.

SATURDAY 8 AM: The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas with the episode, "Twenty Two" in which a lady has recurring nightmares revolving around the number "22."

SATURDAY AT 11 AM: Edwards' Archives takes us musically to the weekend of August 27, 1971. (When Jim Carlyle was a whole 6 years old.)

SATURDAY FROM 6 TO 9 PM: Barry Scott's Lost 45's Program with the theme, "Musical Questions!" This unique show is a GREAT one to enjoy in AM stereo!

SUNDAY AT 8 AM: Pastor Ken Harger's Message from the Lighthouse is, "Being Put on the Stretcher By Laziness".

SUNDAY 9 TO 11: Retro Stars, the 80's Show with your host Dave Stewart

SUNDAY AT 3 PM: Encore Presentation of Edwards' Archives

SUNDAY AT 8 PM: Encore Presentation of the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

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