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Oct 21, 2003
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AndyMon said:
Why on earth would v* allow this? Why would anyone sign up with v* if they could get all of v*'s HD exclusives from Charlie? Only way I could see this happening would be if v* decided to call it quits insofar as being anything but a program provider or if they charged E* customers a substantial premium over what they charge their own customers. :confused::confused::confused::confused:

The question that came to my mind was: Is Charlie completley around the bend?! Since when do CEOs blurt out information about deals like that unless it's already been done? Especially in an off-handed, afterthought type manner. That opens up a WHOLE can of worms as regards to the SEC. I just wonder if he was blowing smoke up the guy's skirt. Charlie's idea of a bad joke.
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James Long

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Oct 24, 2003
Michiana: South of the Border
AndyMon said:
Why would anyone sign up with v* if they could get all of v*'s HD exclusives from Charlie?
As long as they make the money, I don't see a conflict. V* isn't subsidizing customers (like D* and E*) in their purchases. If they are E* customers they don't have to deal with anything put pumping up the video to a bird.

Plus E* could use 148º to echo Voom offerings for the west coast. Voom would be more likely to get west coast subscribers if they were on a better bird. The more subscribers, the better!



Supporting Founder
Supporting Founder
Oct 16, 2003
Stop getting so excited about a Voom deal. There's no announcement or anything to get worked up over.


Too many cables
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Sep 25, 2003
Norman, OK
It could be a simple deal to share transponder space for new "non voom exclusive" HD channels. Maybe E* could use the StarZ/TMC-HD feeds from VOOM and put Bravo/TNT on a 61.5 transponder that both services could use (just an example). If both Dish and VOOM only had to put up "half" the non exclusive channels it could be quite a boon for both services.

Echostar appears to have tranponder 28 dead on Echostar-3 perhaps VOOM could have rainbow-1 broadcast on 28 and put up some content that both could sub to like INHD.

There are lots of possibilities that would not involve "VOOM exclusives" or a merger or buyout.
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M Law

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Sep 30, 2003
Aren't D* and V* on different compression schemes? I may have dreamed that, but could swear I read that somewhere. That would preclude a sharing of transponders.

Scott Greczkowski

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Sep 7, 2003
Newington, CT
The audio clip of Charlie talking about VOOM is now up in the General Dish Network forum.

Hear his words directly from the man himself.
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