LIVE FUTBOL: Real Madrid vs. Celta - Sunday, 11/5 @ 1pm ET


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LIVE FUTBOL: Spanish Primera Liga
Sunday, November 5 at 1pm EST on WorldSportHD

Real Madrid vs.
The live broadcast begins at 12:58am EST.
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From Paul:


Well that weekend didn't really make things much clearer, did it? We saw Barcelona, with a little help early on from the referee, beat Recreativo 3-0. Easy in the second half for the Catalans, but I think that penalty that opened the scoring was important.

I am starting to worry they get too many decisions go their way, but as a Barca following friend of Sid and I said during Saturday's half time break, don't forget the two penalties we didn't get against Valencia and the fact that Emerson was not sent off against us last week when he should have gone for 2 yellow cards.

Real Madrid meanwhile may have won away to struggling Gimnastic, but it was far from the exciting stuff we saw against Barca in the Bernabeu. In fact a goal down, they needed two set pieces to get back into the game against a side who could have killed them off before half time.

Will the real Real Madrid please stand up?

Meanwhile Sevilla confirmed their candidacy (and you'll be pleased to hear, finally signed a TV deal) with a 2-1 win over Celta Vigo.

They go second, while Valencia slipped following a defeat in Santander, where Racing's ground was so covered in fog, you could hardly see what happened. What did happen is that Racing scored and Valencia didn't.

A word for Sevilla's victims Celta. They were unlucky to miss out after seeing a last minute penalty saved. The side coached by Fernando 'Harry Potter' Vazquez plays nice attacking football, using their wingers and have a great striker in Baiano.

They are in the Bernabeu on Sunday and we are there and if Madrid are not at their best, they could slip up.

Should be interesting. See you there

Cheers PAUL
Live HD feed from Spain is on. Time to play some Futbol!
About 10 min behind since today's is may mom's birthday... I just finished watching La Liga Report. Very nice looking. Ronaldo is back.
Is there out of focus images around the players moving or is it me?
Compression artifacts I think. I was very annoyed by these during the RM-Barca game.
Now I am getting used to this (gradually downgrading PQ on Dish Network). :(
It looks like they are doing some type of filtering to soften the image around moving action images... Too bad. I did not see this during La Liga Report. But it is all over the LIVE game.
Happy B-day to you mom, Sean! :)
Beautiful goal!
Not telling who scored, since you are 10 min. behind, Sean! ;)
Gooooooaaaaaaaaal! Here is one more!
Sean, you better catch up at half-time break! :D
David Beckham joins the game replacing Ronaldo.
Celta's on top!!!

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