LIVE: Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid - Su 10/1 @ 12pm ET


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LIVE FUTBOL: Spanish Primera Liga
Sunday, October 1 at 12pm EDT on WorldSportHD

Real Madrid vs.
Atletico Madrid
The live broadcast begins at 11:58am ET.
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Schedule of Live Soccer Matches on WorldSport-HD Season 2006-2007
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The game is under way, but there seem to be technical problems with the broadcast.
We are getting sound only... :(
All right! It's back!

They fixed it just in time for the first goal!
Hi riffjim4069, welcome back to Sunday Futbol!
Gooooooaaaaaal! Great job by Raul!
Welcome to the forum, mcmack17, luisalfredo23, dc_united_2000 and rafb! :wave

You probably didn't realise that but you replied to a last year's thread! ;)

Unfortunately today's live broadcast on WorldSportHD didn't happen.
Please see the following thread for some explanation: La Liga Season 2007-2008 on WorldSportHD
Hoping for a live La Liga game tomorrow!

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