Locals coming to Mobile/ Pensacola

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Sep 8, 2003
There is an add in this mornings Pensacola paper about local coming soon to Mobile/ Pensacola. I thought that DirectTV was out of capicity to add locals. When is coming soon, the end of next year?
Early next year. Around the March/April timeframe.

DirecTV is currently out of capacity to add locals to their satellites. That will change in February/March next year, when their second spot-beam satellite, DirecTV 7S, will be put into orbit. I think the manufacturer of the satellite just handed the bird to the people doing the launch, SeaLaunch.
April launch will take 6-8 weeks before operational. That is June. June is NOT "coming soon". I guess Dish is hurting D* with all there new locals.
jerryez, I think you missed what I wrote.

The satellite looks to be launching around February/March. Therefore, it appears that the new locals will be launched anywhere from early April to late May.

However, since the satellite is being readied for delivery to SeaLaunch, then there is a possibility for a January launch of the satellite. We'll know more once we get a launch date of the DirecTV 7S satellite.
I contacted a Cheif Engineer for a local TV station here in Omaha.

He thought that they would be up on Direct TV this month. The fiber is ran now and the signal is about to be turned on to the fiber.

Is there a miss understanding or did they find more room somewhere?
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