DirecTV allows subs to drop locals

I recently switched from stream to satellite as the internet is not reliable enough this far out in the county. I had read that the option to leave out locals and save $12 a month was available during the sign up process, but I never saw that option. The next day I called and asked if dropping the locals would effect my promotional discount and was assured that it would not and I even asked the representative to quote what my standard monthly bill would be.
I now see through my on-line account information and pending credit card charge that indeed I continue to have the promotional discount with the Entertainment Package-No Locals.
Perhaps it would be best to call in to make this change, especially for any customers who are still on a promotional discount.
Based on my experience, definitely better to call. Do you mind disclosing the amount of the discount you're receiving? I just realized I misstated mine -- it's $55, not $50.
DIRECTV's Office of the President, it's basically the highest level of support and they will usually reach out to you after you follow through on your threat to cancel.
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