Locals price increase?


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Feb 28, 2009
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I still get phone and internet through my cable company. I just got my bill today and now they'll charge $0.40 on their video services because "these broadcasters think you should pay them for the public spectrum they receive free." According the cable company virtual every major broadcast group and local affiliate has opted to charge them (Cable Co.) for bringing you their local network affiliate. I know Dish and Directv charge $5.00 for locals. Do you think dish will add on to it in the future because of this FCC rolling?
It most likely is an add-on fee that your cable company is adding to boost profits and has nothing to do with any government mandated fee. If cable companies use this type of add-on fee they don't have to go back to the local regulating agency to ask for a rate hike.
I pay $6 per month for locals because of paying annually.

Anything that they add in additional fees sounds like BS fees like Dish charges but at least its only 40 cents and not some $5-7 fee like Dish charges. Every little thing adds up though.
I have Dish so my locals are included in Dish DVR advantage which I know they're $5.00 I'm just saying if more companies are gonna do this and Dish finds out I bet they're add on the local's cost as well.

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