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Mar 9, 2004
Ok... Im in the dumbest DMA in the country.... Salisbury, MD... The stations are so low power you have to stand on the roof with a lightning rod in your hand just so, to get a signal, yet they say we have a good grade signal... The affiliates here have been ABC, CBS, WB, & UPN... (actually two stations, abc & wb are one, cbs and upn are the other)

The cbs station just announced that the UPN station is to become FOX...

I get (and love) the east coast and west coast feeds of FOX

How long before Dish will cut my feeds off?

Greg Bimson

SatelliteGuys Pro
Jan 21, 2004
From what I understand...

WBOC-TV is a CBS affiliate. The digital transmitter they run also has the UPN programming. Supposedly, this would switch to FOX...

You are in no danger of losing your FOX feeds. Since you cannot get an analog version of FOX over-the-air, then you are entitled to the out-of-market FOX feeds.

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