Looking For Coolsat 6100 FW ver. 1.16

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Feb 27, 2010
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I had an offer from "upnatm" to up load this file to the board, and he tried, but both the file and upnatm have gone off to cyberspace. Anyone else have this file other than the Hacker boards that could upload to this board or E-mail it to me.

CS 6100 V1.16 Factory 20080925

thank you
Here ya go...scanned it for bugs...it's clean.

I'm running Win7 64bit & winRAR on this pc soooo...had to download 7zip 64bit(sourceforge) & re-zip the file.

Iceberg had already uploaded this:

Don't know what version that is(???)


  • C6100 v.1.16.00 FAC 20080925(2).ird.zip
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The file Iceberg has up is ver 1.14

Thanks for the upload, I'll shoot it over to my friends house where the receiver is right now, we'll give it a try.

Oh and thanks for sterilizing it for me.

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The version that was posted before was 1.14

I have since added 1.16 to the download section
Hi guys, sorry for my disappearance, I spent the day putting in my
new picture window.

Pixl, I saw your pm a little after the job, and sent the file by e-mail.

I apologize for not putting a message for you on your other thread.

However you got the file, I hope it does the trick for you.

There are other things?

dang...yesterday I watched college football so that would be different....oh wait it was on a FTA feed
lets see...went and got some washers....oh yeah it was to put on some bolts on a FTA dish

hmm...seems like everything we do could do the "6 degrees of free to air" ;)
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