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May 16, 2006
Pagosa Springs, CO
I am totally new to FTA, until recently I didn't know it existed. I have a few questions to start, I'm sure there will be many more later.

1. I have located a C-band dish locally ( the owner says it is C-band). I'm not sure of the diameter, I think it is around 8'. Does it matter what the depth of the dish is? He also has a receiver, made by Uniden with the term Videocypher on the unit. Is this sometime that will work with FTA or will I need to purchase new receiver?

2. The next question concerns the difference between C-band and Ku-band. I've been looking at the charts and it's a bit confusing. I know that Ku-band dishes aren't big enough to receive C-band. Many of the FTA channels that interest me don't seem to be available for Ku-band. Can C-band dishes receive Ku-band as well, or are the two band types totally separated?

Thanks for your help. I haven't purchased any equipment yet. I am still waiting to find out if the BUD is allowed in the covenant where my house is located. We have no local TV reception at all, I have been subscribed to Dish for over a year but would like some sort of alternative without the monthly cost. I only watch a handful of the channels offered anyway and think that FTA may have enough to make it a good alternative.

Thanks again.
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Nov 5, 2003
WELCOME to the Satelliteguys.US FTA forum!

1. Depth does not matter the F/D dimentions are built in. Its all about diameter, and 8' is PERFECT!

2.Yes C-Band dish can receiver KU signals, you will need one C and one KU LNB or some combination.

Mr Tony

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Nov 17, 2003
Mankato, MN
Welcome :wave

1. If the dish is 8 feet across, it’s a C-Band dish. The Uniden receiver he has will get analog signals There are some up there but to get most FTA you need a digital receicer (Pansat, Fortec, Coolsat, etc)

2. KU Band uses dishes 30” or greater. C-Band is 6 foot minimum. Can you get KU on that C-band dish? It all depends on the LNB’s on it. Most C-Band dishes have both C & KU LNB’s on it. Ask him if he can get KU.

You can get both C & KU band with one dish or 2 separate dishes.
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