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Dec 31, 2003
I have been a Dish subscriber for 3 years and a DirecTV subscriber for several years prior to that. I can't live without my DVR.
I just received an offer from my local TWC company that is hard to pass up.
Their total package incl all of their HD channels. A DVR and an HD Receiver. First 3 months free and $39.95 a month for one year after that. This includes all the digital packages and all the premium channels. After the 15 months are up it would revert to normal pricing.
If/or when I call Dish Network to cancel, what kind of deals might they offer to keep me as a subscriber? What might I be able to ask of them?
Dish is famous for saying remember it will be a $25 reconnect fee if you decide to come back...

Now if you want an equipment upgrade you can ask what specials they have for you...
Well, if Time Warner is truly giving you that deal, you don't have much of a choice. I got in on a similar deal.... but did not get a PVR at the time, and they wanted an extra $17 a month, and I cancelled that pretty quick and stuck with Dish.

I say keep your dish equipment, milk TWC for 15 months, watch in shock at what the real bill will cost, and switch back to dish. Heck, might even stay with Time Warner cable if they offer an HD PVR by then.
I would jump on that deal if I were you. That is a GREAT deal. You would have to be crazy not to take it. When they want to double or triple your bill all at once or gradually after the 15 months you can at that time go back to Dish Network or DirecTv. This will give you time to wait to see what deals Dish/Direct will come out with to further compete against cable in which cable is trying to compete against satellite even further because of local channel additions.
Adelphia is offering a similar deal where I live, without the PVR. It is $29.95/mo for the first three months for digital cable including HBO and Starz. What they don't tell you is that you MUST subscribe to analog expanded basic at full price to get the deal plus pay rental on each box you receive. Total monthly bill for their "special offer" would be $82.80/mo for the first three months (I would need two digital boxes) before tax. They don't even have as many basic channels as Dish has in the AT150 lineup and they don't say what it goes up to after the first three months. I'm sticking with satellite as are most of my neighbors.
What model of PVR box is it? I've been reading some horror stories about the reliability of some of the cable PVRs - multiple lockups per day, missed recordings, etc. - worse even than being an E* PVR beta tester!
I spoke to TWC today and made arrangements to go to their office friday and look at the DVR/PVR and the HD receiver. I want to check out all of the connection options. I also want to verify that there are no charges for hook-up or delivery of equipment.

I just want to see First three months free and $39.95 per month for the next 12 months.

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