Lost 110 on Dish 500 -- Dish 6000


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Dec 13, 2003
The 110 signal disappeared several nights ago and I need help getting it back. I have Dish 500 (110/119) and 65 going through 2 sw21's into a 6000 and a 300. Both lost the 110 signal.

I tried the switch check on both units. No luck (just shows 119 and 65). Also no luck with pulling the card (reset?). On the installation screen, 110 shows a strong signal, but marked red as the wrong sat.

When I set everything up, I remember a Dish500 option on a set up screen but I can't find it this time.

I've searched the forum and guess that the next step is to get out the ladder and re-aim. But I seem to have the 110 signal.

I appreciate any suggestions for what I suspect is a simple problem

Solved my problem.

A search in alt.dbs.echostar suggested rebooting the receiver, disconnecting the sat input and running the switch check to reset the switch -- then reconnecting the input and running the switch test. Success.

Any idea why both receivers would have faulted at the same time?

Just what the heck is a "65"? Are you cryptically talking about th 61.5 orbital slot or a SW-64 switch?

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