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Mar 20, 2005
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When I turned on the TV today I noticed that I lost the Cinemax channels for a penny a year. Has anyone else lost these channels today? My 1 year isn't up until next summer.
My Cinemax channels are still on and I've had the penny deal... So mine are still on unless they automatically decided to bill me for full price (at which point I would be an unhappy camper.)
When I turned on the TV today I noticed that I lost the Cinemax channels for a penny a year. Has anyone else lost these channels today? My 1 year isn't up until next summer.

Did you happen by chance cancel the dish autopay? They will cancel your subscription if you do this:mad:
I thought it was supposed to be dropped, but I wound up getting charged $12.99

so I called up and they are crediting my bill for $13 a month for another year
Here is my on-line chat as to this discussion

You are currently at position number 2 in the queue.
Thank you for being a valued DISH Network customer, I will be happy to assist you today. Please give me 2-3 minutes to access your account and review the information you have already provided
Lori N.: Thank you for choosing Dish Network.
My name is Lori my op id is D1O. I will be happy to help you.
Lori N.: I will be happy to help you with that issue.
Lori N. : For account security purposes, can you please verify the full name and PIN or the last 4 of your SSN on the account?
Lori N.: Thank you.
Lori N. : If you were given the promotion, prior to the end of the promotion, you will still get that for the year.
Lori N.: That was renewed on your account before that ended.
: I think I received an e mail indicating that my time had ended. Please confirm, as i do not intend to pay the full price for Cinemax.
Lori N.: I do understand your concern.
Lori N. : At this time you are not being charged anything additional for Cinemax.
OK, can you give me a date, as to when the promotion for my specific account ends.
Lori N. : One minute while I get that for you.
Lori N. : I show at this time that was renewed for a year on 12/22/09.
Not to be redundant, but does that mean it will be a $.1 cent addition until 12/22 2010?
Lori N. : That is how it appears at this point, the promotion was only to be for 1 year, and then removed from your account. I show that it was renewed, but I cannot guarantee that you will receive that for a full year at this time.
Lori N. : However, you will not be charged for that service, it will be auto removed at the end of the promotion.
: Ok. Thanks for the clarification.

Lori N. : If after that is removed, you will have the option to add that back to your account at the regular price of $12.99 monthly if you would like.
Ok, again. Lori N. : After that is removed**
Lori N.: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
: No, thanks for your time.
Just checked and mine are still on. I can count on one hand the number of things I have watched in the past month (maybe year) so I will not miss it when they turn them off. I got a letter stating the service would be discontinued (not renewed at the going rate) so I didn't take any additional action. Like tedb3rd, I too would be an unhappy camper if I get charged.
It turned out that the channels got turned off due to a payment not being able to be processed due to a new debit card being issued and we forgot to notify DN. I was able to convince DN to sign us up for autopay once again and give us back Cinemax for a penny after giving them the new debit card information.

At first I thought DN might be cutting off Cinemax for a penny since they went dark on 12/31/09, but this was not the case.
I got a letter in the mail stating that the Cinemax would be discontinued at the end of the free period, unless I called and renewed it. My free period should end around the 20th of January.
The problem, for those who didn't read the other thread, is that other people got a letter saying that at the end of the free period, they would start automatically billing it at the normal rate unless you call to cancel.

Guess what -- my end date is exactly the same as yours, Jerry, and I got the auto-billing letter!

This is profoundly idiotic, of course, but sadly it's also typical behavior for Dish.
This is profoundly idiotic, of course, but sadly it's also typical behavior for Dish.
I got both letters. The first said it was coming off my account and I wouldn't be charged further. (It hasn't and I got charged another penny.) The other said the deal is ending and my bill was going up $12.99/mo. That hasn't happened either.
I look at it this way...when we are going autopayment and paperless billing. That is less overhead for them and we should get something for it. But the problem is, is that dish will probley be adding a billing fee like so many others are and that will be the credit for us. We wont be charged for the billing as people that want the paper. The goverment loves to control everything else yet these companies get away will all this nickle and diming the consumers to death and being able to promote there 19.99 service and make it look like they are super cheap until they add taxes, user fees, dvr fees, hd fees, local fees, extra outlet fees, downgrade fees(that is my favorite dumb fee. If you are calling to save money they charge you so it takes x number of months to make that money up) and various other. Now maybe dish doesnt have all these fees, but so many companies do. Cable is even worse when it comes to nickle and diming. But as consumers, we are in general so dumb we just put up with it.
This reading comprehension thing must suck that the salient points have been reiterated dozens of times and some people still don't get it.
Got my letter over the holidays and dropped it from my account last week. It was fine for a penny but one or two movies a month sure isn't worth the full price. 99.9% repeats gets dull even without commercial interruption.
Just got done with a Dish Chat and got this "in writing"

Me: Can you also verify that I will not be charged the $12.99 for Cinemax now that the 1 cent deal is over?
CSR: The end date of this offer would be 12/25/2010.
CSR: Once it is over, it will not be renewed as we do not have this offer any more. Please do not worry, you will not get charge for the regular charge.
Me: So my Cinemax will continue until 12/25/2010 even though the penny deal is now over (and I won't receive any additional billing?)
CSR: I'll make a note of it.
Me: As long as it doesn't cost me anything more than a penny, it can stay on my account, but I rarely watch it and if it costs more than a penny, I want it off.
CSR: Be assured that it will not cost more than a penny.

Even though my statement says the Cinemax has been removed from my account, I am still receiving the service and based on this it would appear to run until next Christmas.

Note for those complaining about stuff covered in another thread: Get over it! No one is forcing you to read this thread. ;)
one thing i noticed is that I was booted off paperless billing when making a programming change the other day. I made no request for it to be changed.

I changed it back within a few days of it getting removed, but that might be something to keep an eye out for.

I actually received a statement in the mail, but it looks like I might have caught it early enough as Cinemax hasn't been removed yet.

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