Major upgrade of Cox San Diego's DVR Firmware



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Dec 19, 2004
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A long-awaited upgrade to SARA version, rolled out this week to Cox San Diego customers with an SA8300 HD DVR. The "Currently Recording Option" is a huge improvement and may just keep me from switching back to E* any time soon.

Here are the features it adds/fixes/enables according to Cox San Diego's Web site []

Currently Recording Option
When the viewer selects a currently recording program from the Recorded List, the DVR will display the Currently Recording Program Options Screen with “Play from the beginning” as the default highlighted option.

Front Panel AUX Input - now active
The front panel auxiliary input is activated. When the AUX input is utilized the DVR becomes a video “pass through” device; the viewer will use the AUX outputs (in conjunction with the AUX input) to pass video to a TV or monitor. Video content cannot be loaded to the DVR via the AUX input for storage or use.

Return to Live Button
While watching a DVR recorded playback, pressing the LIVE button on the remote control will tune to the last “live” TV channel that was previously viewed.

4th FFWD and REW speed
A fourth speed will be added to the fast-forward and rewind modes.

Copy to VCR Feature
Improved picture quality with recordings.

HDMI interface now supports HDMI 1.0 and 1.1.

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