Marketing for AT200 and AT250 Inconsistent with Placement of NBC Sports Network? (1 Viewer)


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Oct 6, 2006
On Dish's website, the description for America's Top 200 is "Get in the game and stay there with a wide range of sports, movies and more in this 220-plus channel package.". Sounds like a package for sports fans.

The description on Dish's website American's Top 250 is "More than 260 channels including 17 movie channels. Your top pick for flicks.". Sounds like a package for movie fans.

So, wouldn't one think that NBC Sports Network would be in America's Top 200?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not alleging false advertisement or anything, it obviously isn't that. I'm just saying it would seem to make sense to not have this one single sports channel in a higher tier than all the others and not in the tier marketing to the big sports fans. It does have a lot of NHL games, including playoff games. And there isn't much else in AT250 that a sports fans would want that isn't in AT200.


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Sep 8, 2003
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I wouldn't think that at all knowing history of that channel and how it was marketed. Just because the name, and some of the programming changes does not change the carriage agreement. It very well might the next contract time.....

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Apr 19, 2009
I am not trying to take sides. However, Dish has this on their site to possibly help in why they are advertising that way...

"America's Top 200 is your sports center with channels such as NFL Network, CBS Sports Network, MLB Network, NHL Network, NBA TV, and your Regional Sports Networks (based on ZIP code). Plus you'll get over 60 SiriusXM music channels."

For America's Top 250:
"Get all of the entertainment from America's Top 200 plus over 60 additional channels, including 17 movie channels and favorites like The Hub and Nat Geo WILD."

Who knows? Maybe Dish will eventually move NBC Sports Network to America's Top 200. Style at one time was in America's Top 250 and then dropped to America's Top 200. I believe that the same was true for ID and National Geographic Channel. FX has also dropped from America's Top 200 to America's Top 120 package somewhat recently.


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Sep 4, 2004
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OLN which rebranded to Versus and now to NBC Sports was a little watched channel with the Tour de France rights when they launched and they made a deal with Dish to get carriage. That deal was for carriage in AT 250. Maybe when their carriage agreement expires then NBC can ask to be moved, but the NHL doesn't bring the ratings that would generate talk for being moved now. If NBC were to get a new early season NFL package, then more than likely NBC would push to have the channel moved early. You want it moved talk to Comcast/NBCU they, just like the other media conglomerates, are the ones that negotiate what tier they want their channels in.

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