Masked Singer Season 3


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Nov 3, 2005
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Premiere: Sunday, February 2nd after the Super Bowl

Airs on Wednesdays. This season has 18 masked singers.

Cast so far (More as announcements come out):

1. The Banana
2. The Llama
3. Miss Monster
4. The Frog
5. The Mouse
6. The Robot
7. The Kangaroo
8. The White Tiger
9. The Turtle
10. The Astronaut
11. The Swan
12. The Kitty
13. The Taco
14. The Rhino
15. The Bear
16. The Elephant
17. The Night Angel
18. The T-Rex


1. The Robot (Lil Wayne)
2. The Llama (Drew Carey)
3. Miss Monster (Chaka Kahn)
4. The Elephant (Tony Hawk)
5. The Mouse (Dionne Warwick)
6. The Taco (Tom Bergeron)
7. The Bear (Gov. Sarah Palin)
8. The Swan (Bella Thorne)
9. The T-Rex (JoJo Siwa)
10. The White Tiger (Rob Gronkowski)
11. The Kangaroo (Jordyn Woods)
12. The Banana (Bret Michaels)
13. The Astronaut (Hunter Hayes)
14. The Kitty (Jackie Evancho)
15. The Rhino (Barry Zito)
16. The Frog (Bow Wow)
17. The Turtle (Jesse McCartney)

Winner: Night Angel (Kandi Burruss)

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Only had group a. I do think tiger is Gronk. Fun and energetic, but can’t sing a lick.

Not sure on Kangaroo. Know it's not Gwen Stefani or Lindsey Lohan.

Not sure who Turtle is. Have a feeling someone from a boy band which I don't listen to. Might be Jesse McCartney.
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Gronk is weirdly obvious, me and my daughter's boyfriend said it at the same time even before they said it on the show. Plus his old lady is off shooting for SI so he's got free time.
I knew it wasn't Bob after last week, but I was on the right track. Definitely Bob adjacent.

Group C started. Have a couple ideas in mind, but I could not have been more wrong about that first elimination.

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