Max Number of Events for Timers?


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Jul 2, 2010
I have had over 1200 recordings on my Main Hopper HD.

The only thing I could see wrong with that is that Dish Anywhere still seems to have the 999-recording limit, so if you plan on Slinging shows, some of them might not show up.


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Jul 15, 2011
Setting a timer from guide or as to record on that ONE channel only will save memory, and we use a WHOLE LOT of timers and events in memory, so we need to be as efficient as possible. Many parents with kids have found the Dish Pass and Seek & Record hell with those timers for those kiddie shows that air 20 times on one channel, another 20 times on the West Coast channel and another 30 times on a different channel. Unless you have only a few timers, use Seek & Record only when you want or need its advantages.
Every single Dish Pass timer I have (which is most of them) do not list more than 50 events per timer, no matter how many events there are thoughout the week. It'll only go out x number of days until it hits that 50 event threshhold, and roll in new events as the old ones drop off, so I don't buy the clogging argument. Maybe it works different on the Hopper, but as a demonstration, try setting an all channels Seek and Record timer for spongebob, all episodes. I'll bet you won't see more than 50 events listed for that timer at any given time.

Also, you can still have the advantages of DP or SR by only setting it to search one channel, which will account for any schedule/timeslot changes.

Bottom line, I have WAY fewer timers because I use Dish Pass almost exclusively, and the # of events is still kept in check automatically.
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