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Jan 3, 2008
Needing some educated advice.

I currently live in El Paso, TX and I have Dish Network.

I am moving to Mazatlan, MX for 6 years and want to bring my Dish Network with me. Lots of US do it, it seems I will need to purchase a bigger Dish, no problem, and the Mexican know how to set it up. My only problem is local channels.

Is El Paso spot beam? If so what locations would you suggest I change my address too. I have family and friends across the US to include LA, NY, San Diego, Houston.

Leaving in a two weeks

Thanks for your help.



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Nov 10, 2006
Not sure but though that NY was going spot beam. Denver might hold out longer??

Other option but is not HD yet and no projections when it might be - is Atlanta and SF thru All American direct with an "RV "waiver. You would get both W and E feeds in SD.

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