Me-TV in DC Area

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  1. I am seeing reports in the mailbag section of DCRTV that guide data for WJLA 7.2 (current home of Me-TV) is showing movie listings from 2/28 on. Not sure if Me-TV is loving to another subchannel, a new home. or will be unavailable.

    I will say that some info in the mailbag section is unreliable. the main part of the site is well curated but the mailbag is pretty much the wild west.
  2. I see it on the schedule on WJLA's website as well.

    Looks like it's Sinclair's new Charge! network. I see the same listings on KRCG and WUCW, the only confirmed affiliates of Charge!

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    That's your watchcharge channel coming at the end of the month on your Sinclair owned ABC DC Station. ABC/Charge/Comet/TBD, sounds like a HORRIBLE lineup (dropping the me and this TBD THING).
  4. Hi Rabbit if I can receive it does that Meen i can tune it in no matter what M H Z,?
  5. If Sinclair puts these two networks on all of its stations (which comet is not) the numbers on the Grit's, GetTV, and a couple others will drop quite afew
  6. That is what I was afraid of.
  7. Me_TV is still there. Virtually every gide service I hae seen shows Charge but Me_TV is there. Other sources seem to indicate Me_TV will be there through March.
  8. That's what I figured when I seen Zap2It which Sinclair normally uses for schedule information on their websites, still has MeTV content listed.

    Oddly though, Atlantic Broadband in Cumberland, Maryland changed their TV Lineup to "WJLA Charge!".

    Though I'm not sure how often ABB actually checks what's on a subchannel as when Sinclair changed subchannels around in Pittsburgh a little back, ABB had incorrect info saying one channel was still GetTV when it was Antenna TV.
  9. Now Atlantic Broadband is saying "Attention Cumberland, MD area customers – Atlantic Broadband will be moving Me-TV from channel 153 to channel 157 tomorrow." even though they claim 153 is Charge! and not Me-TV.

    This is a strange situation with very confusing information with some sources saying it's Charge! while others say it's Me-TV.

    EDIT: It appears that WTTG now has the Me-TV affiliation and WJLA will continue chugging along with all of the Sinclair subchannels.
  10. I tried scanning for a new WTTG subchannel and did not find it. I think we are Me less till the 1st.
  11. I would have to assume it would have to be up already.

    Atlantic Broadband in Cumberland, MD stated they already added WTTG's MeTV this morning around 1AM.

    I am a tad shocked because ABB doesn't usually have immediate turn-around on subchannels.

    It tends to take a week or a month at least before a subchannel is added here like it took for Antenna TV (1 month) and PBS Kids (1 week), GRIT (now Comet) on the Sinclair station took around 3 months.
  12. It's up this morning. Already updated RabbitEars to show it.

    - Trip
  13. Apparently it came on some time Wednesday afternoon. Local media is reporting it.
  14. I scanned and it is there. Does anyone know if DISH is providing guide data?
  15. No guide data. It looks like I will have to depend on other guides and manual timers----though I seldom record off Me TV