GEOSATpro microHD Satellite/Transponder List: 1w - 139w - C / KU - North America Footprint - 2/12/2013 (1 Viewer)

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GEOSATpro Satellite / Transponder List
1w - 139w C and KU Bands
North & Central America Footprint

Thank you to all the satellite hobbyists who have contributed to this growing list of Satellites and active Transponders! This list covers the Satellites and active Transponders that provide C and KU band TV and Radio services to North America. The accuracy relies on the input and confirmation of programming reception on these transponders from many hobbyist across the US, Canada and the Caribbean.

The KU band and C-band files are setup as separate satellites. These satellites may be merged into a single CKU satellite and unused or below the horizon satellites removed.

The file type is a User Database (.udf) and can be edited using MediaBox Editor Studio or ALI Editor. The .udf file is loaded to your microHD via USB or TTL cable. Be sure to power cycle the receiver by removing the power source (unplugging) for 5 or 10 seconds after completion of the .udf file loading. Convert the User Database file into your personal Default Database for Factory Reset using the microHD's Channel Edit Menu Screen.

Thank you to all users for making the GEOSATpro microHD so popular!

81 satellites 1036 transponders -
We had to request MES to increase the transponder export function to support up to 2000 transponders just so we could release this list! :D

12.5 west K EutelSat
15 west K Telstar12
22 west K SES 4
30 west K HispaSat
34.5 west K Intel903
37.5 west K Telstar11N
43 west K Intel11
45 west K Intel14
50 west K Intel1R
53 west K Intel707
58 west K Intel16
61 west K Amazonas
67 west K AMC3
72 west K AMC6
83 west K AMC9
85 west K AMC16
87 west K SES2
89 west K Galaxy28
91 west K Galaxy17
93.1 west K Galaxy25
95 west K Galaxy3C
97 west K Galaxy19
99.2 west K Galaxy16
101 west K SES1
103 west K AMC1
105 west K AMC15
107.3west K AnikF1
111.1west K AnikF2
113 west K SatMex6
116.8west K SatMex5
118.8west K AnikF3
121 west K Echostar
123 west K Galaxy18
125 west K AMC21
127 west K H1

1 west C Eutelsat10
5 west Eutelsat5
11 west C ExAM4
18 west C Intel901
20 west C NSS7
22 west C SES 4
24.5 west C Intel905
27.5 west C Intel907
31.5 west C Intel25
34.5 west C Intel903
37.5 west C NSS1
40.5 west C NSS8
43 west C Intel11
45 west C Intel14
50 west C Intel1R
53 west C Intel23
55.5 west C Intel805
58 west C Intel9
61 west C Amazonas
72 west C AMC6
78 west C SimonBoliva
83 west C AMC9
87 west C SES2
89 west C Galaxy28
91 west C Galaxy17
93.1 west C Galaxy25
95 west C Galaxy3C
97 west C Galaxy19
99.2 west C Galaxy16
101 west C SES1
103 west C AMC1
105 west C AMC18
107.3west C AnikF1
111.1west C AnikF2
113 west C SatMex6
116.8west C SM5
118.8west C AF3
121 west C G23
123 west C G18
125 west C G14
127 west C G13
131 west C AMC11
133 west C G15
135 west C AMC10
137 west C AMC7
139 west C AMC8


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Thanks for this Brian, a lot of folks will benefit greatly from it.
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