Microsoft changing XBox Live Gold plan


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Microsoft is changing it's Xbox Live Gold for those with the plan that gets you online and 2 free games a month. They're removing the 2 free games as of September (so August is the last month for free games) and replacing it with a smaller version of their Game Pass where you get 25 "high-quality" games.

Got this email today:

Thank you for being an Xbox Live Gold member. We want to give you details on how your Xbox Live Gold subscription will be changing in the near future. Beginning September ‌14, your Xbox Live Gold subscription will transition to Xbox Game Pass Core.

Xbox Game Pass Core will continue to provide online console multiplayer, but you will also receive access to a library of over ‌25 high-quality games from the Game Pass catalog* to play on Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One at no additional cost, as long as you remain an Xbox Game Pass Core member.

The Xbox Game Pass Core catalog of games will replace Games with Gold. As of September ‌1, you will no longer receive new games to claim monthly with Games with Gold, but you will keep the entitlements for any Games with Gold games previously redeemed while remaining an Xbox Game Pass Core member.

As always, you will still be able to access any Xbox One games you redeemed in the past through Games with Gold, as long as you remain a current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass Core member. Any Xbox ‌360 titles redeemed via Games with Gold in the past are yours to keep, regardless of subscription status.

As a current Gold member, you don’t need to do anything. On September ‌14, your subscription will automatically transition to Xbox Game Pass Core, giving you immediate access to your new library of games and, of course, online console multiplayer.

Thank you for being a loyal member.

Team Xbox
Yeah, nudging people to pay $1 more for the full Game Pass catalog. Primary difference is they aren't giving you games every month and instead just giving you access to a selection of titles at the Core subscription and then the full Game Pass library at Console / PC / Ultimate tiers.


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