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  1. There are some deals worth being called out... here's one:

    Xbox 360 Elite (120GB) + Forza Motorsport 2 + Marvel Ultimate Alliance Bundle $299 Or $290 - Forums

    • Dell Home has Xbox 360 Elite Console Bundle for $399 - $100 coupon 4RTQ?64N?7HWMK = $299 ($290 if paid with DPA) with free shipping. Thanks DaPaki1
    • If paying with Dell Preferred Account (DPA) you may save an extra 3% (4% at Dell EPP), here is how:
    • During checkout, select Credit Card as method of payment
    • Click "Change Payment Type"
    • Click "Choose" link under Credit/Debit Card (again)
    • Under "Save 3% (4% at EPP) with Dell Preferred Account! (Discount applied at Final Checkout)" click "Click Here to Take Advantage of this Offer" link
    • Click "Choose" under "I already have a Dell Preferred Account" if you have one, or sign up for a new one if you don't
    • Checkout, enjoy your 3% (4% at EPP) savings
    The bundle includes:
    • Xbox 360 Elite console (black)
    • 120GB hard drive
    • Wireless Controller (black)
    • Xbox Live Headset (black)
    • HDMI cable
    • Xbox Live Silver membership
    • One-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold
    • Forza 2 Game
    • Marvel Ultimate Alliance Game

    Dell Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles: Elite 120GB W/ Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda $330 Or $320, Pro 60GB $249 Or $242, Arcade w/ Sega Superstar Tennis + 5 Arcade Games $170 Or $165
  3. PS3 game sale at Video Game Rentals: Rent/Buy Wii,PS3,PS2,Xbox,360,PSP,DS,GC,GBA Games –

    Army of Two - $18.99
    Assassin's Creed - $17.99
    Clive Barker's Jericho - $12.99
    The Club - $12.99
    Condemned 2 - $17.99
    Devil May Cry 4 - $17.99
    Grand Theft Auto IV - $32.99
    Haze - $9.99
    Lost: Via Domus - $12.99
    Lost Planet - $12.99
    Major League Baseball 2K8 - $12.99
    NBA Ballers: Chosen One - $12.99
    Need for Speed: ProStreet - $17.99
    Turning Point: Fall of Liberty - $14.99
    Unreal Tournament III - $16.99

    lol @ All Pro Football for $16 though... it's been $9 at Best Buy for like 9 months.
  4. I think I got it used from Gamefly for like $10 on the 360 some months ago. In the end it was a moot point because the "100% guaranteed" game didn't even work. They wouldn't even send me a new one. I had to ship it back and then would have to order another one. I didn't even bother ordering it again.
  5. Hah that sucks. I haven't had a problem yet with their service, other than overcharging me for a game I kept when I canceled. If you cancel and don't click 'keep' before you do so, you are charged the replacement fee, and not their 'keep it' fee. In the case of DMC4 for the 360, this was more than 2x the price (so nearly $50) that they were selling it for (like $21) at the time.
  6. I actually got a "free" game from them when I rented GH Rocks the 80's and they thought I returned it when I actually didn't. I don't remember the story behind it but it had to do with one game being returned in another packet or something. Eventually I found out that the game didn't even work anyways. I had never played it and only got it to lend to a friend but it never panned out.
  7. This is a good thread to be a sticky.
  8. 360 Deals: It's a free $10 gift card bonanza - Xbox 360 Fanboy

    Best Buy is giving out a free beanie hat with purchase of Guitar Hero World Tour, selling Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway for $40 and offering Blitz II for $50. Target stores only have one good deal and that's a free $25 gift cad with purchase of an Xbox 360 Arcade console. Circuit City is dishing out the gift cards (as has become the norm), giving away a free $10 gift card with purchase of Fable II, Golden Axe, Far Cry 2, Dead Space, Saints Row 2, and Hell's Highway. You can score a free $10 gift card and mini strategy guide with purchase of Fallout 3 (CE), a free $15 iTunes gift card with purchase of Guitar Hero World Tour and a free t-shirt with Legendary. Phew ... happy shopping!
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    Gamestop is doing a good GameCube deal for $39.99

    Complete Gamecube System (used)
    Second Wired Controller
    Memory Card
    2 games ($9.99 or less each)

    I only went in to buy a new gamecube controller for the kids' Wii (they somehow managed to partially cut the cable). Since a controller was $15 anyway, buying the gamecube deal got me two controllers, a couple cheap game, and a gamecube for only $10.00 more than just the controllers.

    Plus they had the Gameboy Player in stock for only $15, so the kids can use it to play gameboy advance games on the TV in the playroom.
  10. Wow, great deal on the Cube. I am definitely going to check that out. Thanks!!
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