Playstation Classic Game Console w/Enhancements


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Jul 3, 2017
Los Angeles
Just recently I purchased a Playstation Classic from Target for $29.25 with Cart wheel + Red card.
OEM comes with 20 games, but i got over 150+ Games and also M.A.M.E and other retro consoles using a 128GB USB Flash drive which makes this an amazing bargain indeed.

Any other owners here?

I don't own one, but last I read you were better off doing all of that to one of the other mini consoles. The nes mini runs the PlayStation ROMs better than the PlayStation mini does, lol.

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After reading this post last week, went ahead and purchased one used on craigslist for $20.00, and got it.
Seller sold it cause he didn't like the 20 games it came with and could not return back for a full refund anymore.

now need to acquire the files for the USB host

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