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May 28, 2009
I have the Dish Everything pack but I recently noticed that channels from 364 to 388 are gone. I am on 61.5 and 72. Any ideas?
Same thing happened to me and I have the full Eastern Arc. Oh, and I got 13 months of free BB@home for my 30th Anniversary gift. No complaints here, and I'm now paying $10 for it and also now able to use the DVD mailing feature.
possibly. I know my grandma called me the other day asking where "those free movie things" went (Starz). I told her the 1 year was up and she was like "that was quick year" ;)
Hi guys,

My wife have noticed that we don't get TLC anymore, I plugged in the ilink and it's there so we know the cable and dish are good and I also have the everything pack.


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Yea, I get mine from 119w but it keep saying lost signal that's why I plugged in the ilink to see if i got it and it works with that, but not on the DN rec.

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