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Sep 28, 2003
Round Rock, TX US
Just a heads up. I had called Dish back in Nov-Feb (not sure when), to downgrade from AEP to AT180, and also NOT auto-renew MLB EI (no $$ this year). Lo and behold on this months bill was the first installment of the MLB EI 05 package :(

I called and they had to have a SUPERVISOR remove it (why a sup? Who Knows).

Just check your bills closely :)

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Apr 5, 2004
So those with an auto-renew of MLB EI have already been charged?

Hmm ... I got a letter a few weeks ago saying I would be getting MLB EI for the auto-renew price of $139, which was interesting since I didn't get MLB EI last year. :confused:
But I was considering EI since I'm not getting MLB.TV for free this year, and figured $139 was a good deal. On Monday a CSR told me I would be billed $149 on April 3 or so. So apparently even more FUBAR from the Dish CSRs.
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