MLB Extra Innings on Dish Network

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Feb 15, 2004
I recently signed up for Dish Network (under 3 weeks) on the assumption that between NESN and MLB Extra Innings I would be able to watch a majority of the Red Sox Games this year.

After 5 years in Hawaii, with very little coverage this was a huge part of my plan, but it looks like the original guys I talked to when I signed up either were too stupid to know or outright lied to me.

Almost every game on NESN is going to be Blacked out here in Colorado and on top of that it looks like MLB Extra innings is still a no go on DN. Now when I signed up I specifically asked about that and was told it was coming prior to the start of the season, now It looks eerily like a sales pitch gone awry and I am hung out to dry :(.

Let me say other than this, I am pretty happy with Dish Network, I got a 4 room setup with DVR and other than the cant record and watch something else I love the DVR as well.

Would the above situation in regard to MLB extra innings be enough to legally cancel my contract with Dish on the customer satisfaction claim?

If so, does anyone have any opinions on Directv with a similar setup.

MLB extra innings WILL NOT be carried on Dish this season. I rcieved an e-mail last week from Dish to this effect. Even if you have the Superstation package and can pick up WSBK from Boston, the games are blackout. I was hoping Dish would try to pick up something this year but their more interested in the NBA, NHL or NFL. We're just out of luck. Mike
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