More detail regarding the 811 passing signals...


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Nov 18, 2003
I have an 811 on order (just got the call my install scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled due to receiver shortage) and have seen mentioned here that the 811 has the ability to upconvert 480p. Is that right?

If so, could we then use the Avia DVD to tweak our HD inputs by passing the DVD's component outs through the 811, upconverted to 1080i??? If this works, any advice?

Great site btw, discovered it one day right before DN ran out of the $149 6000u deals (got in on it, tyvm).

George -bub

PS I know everybody was disappointed in the latest Charlie Chat (I missed it, but wasn't expecting much anyways) but I did watch the last World Series of Poker and there was quite the story behind the eventual winner, Moneymaker. He had never played face to face before, doing all his gambling online. He entered a $40 online money tournament with the top prize a paid entry into the World Series of Poker worth $10,000. He went on to win it all, I believe over 2.5 million dollars or something like that. Great story, wish I would have caught his time on CC.

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