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Sep 7, 2003
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Once again, SatelliteGuys.US takes the lead with more new features to help you get the most from your satellite system!

Today we are proud to announce that we have added USENET access to SatelliteGuys.US! And not only can your read usenet messages but you can post them as well!

Please note that when you post your email address is posted as well, however SatelliteGuys.US has taken the precaution and will add "NOSPAM" to your posted email address. So for example if your email address is posted to the world it will be shown as

We are the only Satellite Forum to bring the Usenet home to you!

Also if you haven't noticed already we have moved many of our forums around to make finding all the satellite areas easy to find.

We hope you enjoy these changes, we are working hard to be your one stop shop for all your satellite information and needs!

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!
Great new feature.

Something I would like to see - or maybe it's there and I'm just can't see it. The date/time a post was made when reviewing a thread. I would like to be able to scroll down to the point where I left off or see how old a message is.

Keep up the great work!
Scott..UseNet addition is great. I like the fact that the interface is the same as the board. Nice job!

You should know that many of the bots that harvest addresses also remove things like NOSPAM from the address they grab (or some "after market" software does it). It would be FAR better to add something like "JOHN" or any other name to the ID. They don't delete things like names or stuff that could be in a real address.
That is the advantage of setting up an MSN Hotmail account. I'd never give out my "real" address to anyone unless I know who it is and really want messages. I scan my hotmail account once a week, just in case, but don't have any problems with spam in my daily inbox.
This is a good feature. I would add one comment though. I would love to be able to filter my searches, well mainly the new message link on the home page, to exclude these newsgroups. Seeing a bunch of newsgroup links when I do my new message search... just doesn't seem right for some reason. I like coming here for satelliteguys information, and would like to filter that information as so.

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