Most Likely Leaving Dish... For now, Should I? (1 Viewer)

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SatelliteGuys Family
Sep 9, 2003
Austin, TX.
I am very close to parting with Dish for a while and going back to Cable after being a customer for 7+ years. I had held over to getting a DVR until now due to the impending transition to MPEG-4 and now this. And I don't want to wait anymore.

Reasons driving me away:
*18 month commitment. I don't even know if I will be alive in 18 months. :)
*$300.00 for the right to allow you to rent the DVR and then on top of that a DVR fee. I don't expect to get something for nothing but this "triple" dipping is not right.
*Only one upgrade. I have 2 HDTVs.
*The increases in prices (DVR fees, rental, packages, etc.) If you upgrade you have to get all those VOOM channels that I don't care about just to get ESPN2 HD and Universal HD. I originally had signed up for the original MPEG-2 VOOM package but cancel aftet not watching them at all.

My local TimeWarner has a promotion for satellite subscribers that for 12 months I could get all digital channels (equivalent to 180); HBO/Showtime, 2 HD DVRs for about $75.00 including all taxes and DVR fees. No upfront equipment investment and no commitment. They are committed to the price for 12 months but I can cancel at any time.

So I am really considering going that route for at least a few months and then maybe come back to Dish as a new customer and get a much better deal if available. As we all know Dish treats new customers better than us long-term loyal ones.

So, with the above, can anybody give me some reasons why I should not make this temporary switch. That would be very helpful in my decision making.


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SatelliteGuys Family
Dec 23, 2005
:up Can't give one reason not to follow that thoughts are almost identical. I too have been with Dish since the early days and have sub to HD since it's beginning. I have cable also because the SD picture quality on the local cable is superior to the Dish SD picture quality. I've already purchased a 411 to replace my ancient 6000 and I figure to sell it and MAYBE come back as a new customer later. Good luck deciding!


Pub Member / Supporter
Pub Member / Supporter
Dec 3, 2003
I'm on the fence also.... Been a customer here 6+ years, apx $90 a month if not more. I've just about had it with the Bullsh!t and lies. And now they want $300 and 18 months and then I still don't own the receiver! And that just takes care of 1 tv.

I sent a letter to yesterday but so far no response and I doubt I will.

Big companies just don't give a sh*t about their customers any longer.


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Pub Member / Supporter
Jun 13, 2004
Meridian, Idaho
So much angst over watching TV... I know people hate to get screwed over, but it seems like there is so much emotion, where some rational, detached analysis would probably be better for you in the long run.
In Mario's post, for example, he did a pretty good job of lining up the con's of continuing with Dish. But... I still think you need to look more closely than you have. Not to say moving to TW cable won't be the best bet for you, but I don't think you've considered all of the issues.
First, how much will TW cable cost after the 12 month intro offer? Switching services back and forth can be a pain. You may be pissed off enough to put up with it, but what about other family members? Time to learn a new remote, new guide/menu interface/new channel line up, etc... Then, a year later, switch again.
Also, have you watched TW cable's HD offerings? Does the PQ look good?
I guess the point I'm trying to make is to not react emotionally. The grass may seem greener on the TW side of the fence, but take the time to consider all aspects of switching. I looked into moving to CableOne (which, admittedly, doesn't look to offer nearly as good a deal as you have to consider from TW). In the end, I decided to stick with Dish. Why? Well, the $300 up front to upgrade to a 622 was a big strike against Dish. But, for the programming I'm interested (basically, the HD bronze pack with locals and two dual-tuner DVRs) Dish's monthly costs were $35/mo less than my local cable co. Beyond the cost, here are some of the other factors I had to consider:
1. the cable co's DVRs, while dual-tuner, only output to one TV. With our 522, we really appreciate sharing the recorded content between two TVs.
2. We have kids. Dish has East/West coast feeds of Nick and Disney. In addition, Dish gives us the East coast feed of Cartoon network. The Cable co only offers one channel for each and a different time zone (Mountain, I believe). End result - 90% of the shows my kids like to watch aren't on when it's their TV time.
3. Our cable co uses the motorola DVR boxes. I've spent enough time in front of my mother in law's TV to know I just don't like the motorola DVR. No one big thing, just lots of little things.

I'm sure right now, on some other website, there's a forum dedicated to Time Warner cable. On that forum, there's a guy who's just had it with the Time Warner BS and is announcing his plans to jump ship to Dish Network. :D


SatelliteGuys Family
Sep 9, 2003
Austin, TX.
Thanks everybody for your inputs. Griz Fan, I am not making an emotional decision but very analytical. And yes, I have considered all the factors that you have mentioned and jumping back and forth does not bother me. I am making this decision with the family in mind. And we don't mind learning new interfaces, channels, etc. Is like getting a new toy to play with for a while :) I am leaving the satellites up so it would be really easy to come back in the future.

My big 2 main reasons to move are: The big upfront investment for something you don't even own on top of the lease and DVR fees, and the way they have bundled the HD channels. In my case, I would be losing channels and paying more for channels I don't care about (VOOM)

I am most likely making the switch so I will come back in a couple of weeks and post my experience about it.



SatelliteGuys Family
Dec 17, 2003
i agree that seems to be the logical choice at this point... you will have subsidized cable rates for 1 year, which should be just about enough time for the current E* insanity to have shaken out -- the marketing geniuses that came up with this 'deal' will have all been replaced by then, terms *might* be more realistic, and there will also be time to get at least a few of the software bugs worked out of the new receivers.

you might also have more choices by then. in my case we are just now getting access to verizon fios TV, which i will be holding out for until hockey season/my center ice package is finished.

good luck!


Dec 5, 2004
I agree, when my wife notices that the HD does not look the same I made up my mind then. I want crystal clear HDTV. Period
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On Double Secret Probation
Supporting Founder
Apr 1, 2004
Newport News, VA
IMO, these DBS companies figure that if people are stupid enough to pay 300-600 dollars for a reciever to watch TV then Ill just keep Fking them as long as I can. Another sucker is just around the corner.


SatelliteGuys Pro
Dec 19, 2004
Here and Now
Mario, I could've started this same thread. I've had both Cox cable with HD DVR and a Dish 811 and 508 for the past year, compared side by side, and now with Dish's bright, shiny metallic packages in the offing, I've decided to stick with cable (though I don't like their DVR functionality) exclusively.

For less money than I would be paying Dish for a comparable level of service, I get plenty of HD, a servicable HD DVR with no upfront fees or commitment, the promise of digital simulcasting on the analog cable channels by the end of the year, and a great price on high-speed internet and telephone.

And though these prices can go up (like Dish's do every year), it's not a special promotional rate that beats Dish right now on price. I thought I'd never say that about my local cable company, who installed and activited everything this week, and provided great service, from CSR's to techs throughout the process.

I am very happy with my decision to leave Dish for cable!
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