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Jan 10, 2006
Philly 'Burbs, PA
I just saw on my latest bill that I'm in the last month of a "free" movie trial package that Dish was giving to me. Anyone know when is the best time to cancel these? I'm afraid if I call now than I won't get the full month and they'll just shut them off, but I also don't want to battle with them if they charge me for cancelling too late.

Are the billing cycles consistent, so that I can just use the date from this month to go off of? Thanks in advance.
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Nov 16, 2005
go by date when they activated your account. which should be the same for the bill. call 3 day before to be on safe side


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Feb 18, 2006
just a note

Just to let you know ... don't be alarmed when you get your 3rd bill .... it will say your being charged for the 4th month (remember dish bills 1 month in advance) , but as long you xcl b4 the billing cycle ends on your 2nd bill you'll be just fine


1st bill : billing cycle 2/14 - 4/13

2nd bill : 4/14 -5/ 13

you should xcl the movie package by 5/13

3rd bill : 5/14 - 6/13

keep in mind you'll get this bill before you xcl your package
& only send in the amount your normal package would be instead of the full amount on your bill *OR* you can send in the full amount and see a credit next month .....

4th bill : 6/14 - 7/13
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