Moving from ext HD back onto DVR (and then to new ext HD..)


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Mar 26, 2006
Question on moving recordings from an external HDD back onto the DVR (so that I can then move them onto a new larger external).

My plan is to transfer from EHD --> reciever overnight, and then recieverd --> new EHD when gone during the day.

When I go to transfer from the EHD to the reciever, should I just do say 20-30 hours of shows at a time? Or will the reciever know that what I am trying to transfer from the EHD is too big to fit on the internal drive? I know it won't let you send to the external if it is full, but is it smart enough to do the reverse? Or am I going to just have to do 20-30 hours at a time and rinse and repeat until done?


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