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Feb 23, 2009
I'm having what I consider a weird issue.

I have 2 R22's (living room and bedroom) Both are connected with 2wire wireless adapters. I can see play lists on either tv.

If I'm in the living room I can play anything from the bedroom just fine. But If i go to the bedroom and attempt to watch something from the living room it gets very very choppy if it works at all. Sometimes I get a error message of No video/audio data.

I'm currently using the download of 1/29
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SatelliteGuys Pro
Apr 10, 2009
My guess is something with the wireless adapters. Try swapping the adapters between receivers and see if the problem moves with the adapter or stays with the receiver.

Might be that there is some interference near one of the receivers thats affecting the transmit but not the receive, or vice versa.

Another thing to try if you have a really long ethernet cable is plug the two receivers together with it, reboot both, wait ~5 minutes and see if it works.
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