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Mar 23, 2007
I used to use Dish, now I have no satellite service at all. I'm trying to determine if either DISH or DIRECT have a capability of sending a HD signal down a coax cable from their DVR. I had a DISH 722 model with the Tuner 2 that could only send a SD signal. Has anything changed at DISH or Direct TV that would allow this? It would cost me a fortune to run any type of cable from where the DVR would be to the other TVs in my house. I do have a way to use existing coax installed when the house was built. I don't want to spend money on multiple receivers. I only want one. Any comments would be appreciated. I tried to get a tech answer from Direct but felt like putting a gun to my head before the call was over because the rep was so dumb and unhelpful. I could tell she was would "yes" to anything I asked if only I'd order now!
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Jan 4, 2007
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Dish does not currently have any way of sending HD over coax, other than the RG6 coax from the dish antenna to a standalone receiver. I have a 722 feeding most of the house, with two 612's ($10/mo/ea) in the bedrooms.

However, Dish has announced a solution that would work for you in the future, and that's the XiP813 3-tuner DVR receiver and the XiP110 set top box. You wire up the latter to the former via RG29.


Sep 5, 2011
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You also have the option, other than waiting for the xip813, to run multiple HDMI cables to the various rooms you need connected. Get a good HDMI splitter and a couple extra UHF remotes and your in business. I have 1 922 and 1 612 in my house feeding to every TV this way. My wife has the 612 and myself with the 922 so we never bother each others recordings or DVR and we can view either in any room in the house

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