My 622 Install story

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Nov 21, 2004
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My install was scheduled for am on 4/17. When no one arrived or called by noon. I called E*. AFter about an hour I received a call from the installer and heard his hard luck story that I was the last of his 4 am jobs and he had just completed the 1st job. I requested to speak to his scheduler. He didn't know the number and he would call his boss. About an hour later another installer called saying they would arrive around 5 pm . At 7 pm they arrived. To replace a dish 500 with a dish 1000 and to replace a 921 with a 622 it took these 2 men 3 hours. We never did get all 4 of my receivers running right. I refused to sign the work order and they left at about 10:30 pm. My 622 and 921 worked right. But my 4900 and JVC D-VHS receiver could not find the 4 satellites ( 110,119,129,148). There is still installation waste falling off my roof 4 days later.
The next day I called the special DISH # for this forum and worked 2 more hours with a CSR. We never could get it right. It turns out that the 622 did not come with HDMI to DVI cable nor component Video cables. The 622 was putting out SD only on composite cables. Dish sent me the right cable via express mail. Also they wired the DP44 incorectly.The 622 and 921 were smart enough to compensate, but the older receivers couldn't. The next day without me knowing it or being there the original installers returned to ground the system. Now I have green wire running all around my house at eye level. Why they didn't drop it to the ground and run it around the bottom of the house in the ground like all my other cabeling is a mystery to me.
When I ordered my 2nd 622, I asked for another installer and that the CSR write down all the fixes needed as a result of the first job. I believe it was the 1st 622 install for either of the guys they originally sent.

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