My locals moved to 61.5



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May 19, 2008
According to EKB my HD locals here in Charlotte on 61.5 have finally been turned on, but my 722 keeps pulling them in from 118.7 even though I have a second dish pointing at 61.5. How do I force the receiver to switch over to 61.5? Or should I just disconnect the 118.7 feed from my switch? There is nothing on 118.7 other than my locals that I get from that bird anyway.

Also if I disconnect the 118 feed from my 1000+ antenna then it will only really be used for 110 and 119, so should I get it re-peaked or just leave it as is, or should I even get rid of the 1000+ and put a different dish in its place?



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Dec 3, 2005
Charlotte, NC
Well I found the answer was to just disconnect the 118.7 wire and do a check switch. Once I did that it relocked to my locals on 61.5 instead of 118.7. The big improvement now is that almost 100% of what I watch is on 61.5, so I no longer have as much delay waiting for my DP44 when I switch between local stations and nationals.

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