My new 921 crashed


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Feb 7, 2004
Hi all!

Well I did it..... I bought my 921 on ebay. I just could not wait any longer.
And it looks like I got a deal, last look it is listed for $1500.00!!
So ups arrives and it is in perfect condition sealed new. I ramp it up and
download the new software. And let me tell you, I was one happy guy! I even bought the DVI connection as my new projection t.v. has the input.
And wow....what a difference in the crispness of the color!
So I decide to check the signal strenght on 1 of the o.t.a. signals from the menu, guess the 921 did'nt like that and it frooze up solid. No problem....
I'll just reboot. Yea right...never got the picture back or the menu...nothing!
So after 85 min. with dish, their sending me another one.
After months of waiting, I'm still waiting.
But what little I saw while it was working was nice! Meanwhile back to my 6000.

I wouldnt be surprised if you plugged in your 921 in a few hours to have it work again.

This is what mine did a few months ago.
Those being sold on ebay were shipped to distributors before the Q/A hold. I would not be surprised at all that there were a high failure rate on them.

Hopefully, when DISH starts shipping them again, they will be more stable.
I have had to "un-plug" mine once or twice when the OTA has locked up. Don't know what dish had you do. If you did power it down you might make sure that the HD resolution didn't change to something your TV can't use. Did you try hooking it up to s-video and try using it on SD Mode?
All the controls on the unit and on the remote were unresponsive. I had a green power lite, blue hd lite, and a orange sd lite all at once. When you push the sd button or the hd button the lites just stay on....nothing. The screen does show booting stand-by
and you wait, and wait.....then goes blank...nothing.


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