My Superdish came and went.


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Sep 8, 2003
Well, the installer came out to my house this morning to install my Superdish. He removed my Dish 500, but I insisted that he leave my 61.5 dish until he proved that I could get HBO HD from the 105 sat. Finally, at my insistance, he called Dish to check for the HBO HD feed on 105. After 5 minutes on the phone they finally admitted that HBO HD was not on 105 yet and they did not know when it would be. Since, all of my equipment is leagcy, they said they would have to sell me a Dishpro lnb for the 61.5 dish for me to get HBO HD from 61.5 sat or they could not install the Superdish. Of course, I would not pay for that, so they reinstalled my Dish 500 and left. I did get to see the 36" superdish with a 2" pole setup.

If you want HBO HD, do not get a Superdish. Dish has screwed up again. We probably will not get more HD channels from Dish until the new 105 sat goes up. Rather than piss off the people in South Florida, Calif, and Wash, Dish would rather piss off the whole country. Good going Dish! Also, my installer was not paid anything by me or Dish for all his work, Good going Dish, another unhappy installer or have they ever been happy with Dish!
I do not understand why they have not turned on these HD Channels yet as they are up there.

I have read that hackers are watching HD from 105 while those of us who have SuperDISH's and legally subscribe to the HD services can not see them at 105.

Whats up with that?
I thought Florida was not authorized SuperDish???

What's up with that, my friend from Pensacola?

Also, I thought only those cities with locals on SD were getting the dish at this time. Is Pensacola, in Florida have their locals on SD and then Retailer chats says no Florida Super Dish? Not surprised about that.


At this stage it seems like anything goes...

One thing is certain, this forum of user experience is far more entertaining than Charlie Chats shows. :D
The Pensacola area is part of the Mobile AL locals. the ABC is in Pensacola and CBS,NBC, and Fox are in Mobile, Al. The Superdish will cover Nowthwest FL counties of Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Okaloosa.

Don, you Jacksonville people are too far from the 105 footprint.
Dont forget that the sw-21 switch or whichever switch you use to connect to your Dish 500 dish has to also be DishPro. This is another reason why some may be coming up with their own SuperDish solution, so that it will be simplified and cheaper for those that do not want to have a commitment.

What I dont get is how Dish is providing legacy receivers with the adapter to make them adaptable to DishPro lnbf's and switches yet they will not provide a DishPro lnbf to make it compatible with the SuperDish? Does not make much sense to me. I would call Dish and address this or email and tell him what I had just mentioned.
Hi, if I was you I would buy DP single LNB off of Ebay they usually sell for about $15 dollars and maybe $7.00 for shipping I have bought two of them for that price and have them come back out and install the superdish. I would want to see if they are going to use DP21 switch to look at the fourth satellite. Good luck with getting your new toy, Mike.
If they would just open up HBO HD on the 105 sat to everyone, they would not have to provide the dishpro lnb. What about all the Dish subscribers who want locals, but will have to give up HBO HD to get the locals.

Come on Dish get with the program and let us receive HBO HD from the 105 sat, the hackers are already watching it. Do you want us all to switch to hacking.
I thought the switches and LNBF's were covered under the install? I thought DISH wasn't supposed to charge extra for these? My Legacy adaptor for my 6000 was free when I ordered the 6000.
This is why I say to contact Dish to make sure it should be included and if not make them include it and state your case especially with legacy adapters having to be included. If the 61.5 dish had to be there for must carry locals in certain areas then Dish may have to put the DP lnbf and switch for that switch for those people.

You could buy a new one or used one off of ebay and then sell your legacy lnbf that you have now on here or on ebay and not have that much money in the DP lnbf.
Well I tried the DP21 switch on the output of a DP34 switch and it could find the first 3 satellites alright but it would not pick up the second input on the DP21 switch for the fourth satellite and it showed in the set up as a DP44 switch. This would work just fine if the software team would program the receivers for it so if you want 4 sat config you are going to have to wait for the DP44 switch or use some legacy equipment. By the way Scott G. how is your legacy sw21 switch working after the dishpro adapter?
The Guest post above is mine I can not keep my log in tonight for some reason I have logged in three times. Thanks, MikeHDTulsa.
I really doubt Echostar is holding up delivery of HBO-HD to customers for no reason. Many providers will grant a distribution service temporary authorization to uplink their signal for test purposes only. Obviously, HBO has not granted Echostar permission to "sell" or "free preview" to customer base from the 105 slot at this time.
I know this is not what you to hear, and rightfully so... but lets remember that Echostar has not officially announced the launch date of HBO-HD to customer base.
I am in Tulsa where there are two must carry channels on the 148 satellite and if I wanted a superdish for HD I would have to give them up. Sure I hardly ever watch them but they do put some local football games on them. I think Dish Network can not sell the superdish for HD until the DP44 switch is released or some must carry channels will throw a fit.

Why no SuperDISH for existing customers?

Why should I go with the DHP plan now?

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