Why should I go with the DHP plan now?


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Nov 17, 2003
Seeing the newest DISH Network deal for a free 811 + SuperDish + installation + 3 months Top 100 and HBO/Cinemax I started wondering what would be the benefit of going with the DHP version of the same deal?

Is it just for the warranty or is it easier to upgrade to a 911 or other box when I want to without paying full retail for it (except the $4.99 a month DHP charge)?

Anyone in the know? Thanks!

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Well I am on DHP and in the past the main drawback has been that Dish thinks of DHP customers last for upgrade offers. But recently they have been making offers available to DHP subs. Like the 510 offer and 6000 offer. Also the new cool equipment is being made available to DHP members first like the 322 & 522. However I am not sure if the 921 will be made available to DHP subs. that is a $1000 unit and Charlie said on a Charlie Chat he was not sure if that would be available to DHP customers.
The benefit of DHP is it works like the cable company for service. If you have a problem you call and they fix. They own the equipment so if a box breaks they will mail you a new one and you send the broken box back in that package postage paid. Or they come and replace the receiver. My wife and I were nervous when we first moved to satellite because of the cable company smear campaign commercials, so we fealt most comfortable knowing that being a DHP sub service would not be an issue. Knowing that satellite is reliable and looking back now, I would like to own the equipment, but also enjoy the peace of mind knowing if if I have a a problem or am out of town, my wife can get service free of charge. The DHP is not a bad deal as long as you are getting a lot of TVs connected. It also makes sense to people because the Dish Extended warrantee costs something like $1.99 a month - but I heard discussion that now there are two warrantees available now with the other costing $4.99.
I am one who never falls for the the extended warrantee scam retailers try and levy but if you do purchase Dish equipment definitely get the warrantee direct from Dish Network. The only problem with the warrantee is that you have to pay for shipping and as a DHP customer you don't have to worry about any of that nonsense.
rtt2 said:
Also the new cool equipment is being made available to DHP members first like the 322 & 522.
Clarification: If you are a NEW Dish customer and you sign up for DHP then you have access to the 'new cool equipment' (but Dish has yet to officially mention any of this gear on their website). If you are an existing customer (DHP or otherwise) and you want the 322 or 522, tough cookies for now.
sorry about the abiguity. Video62 is absolutly right only NEW DHP sub can get the new cool equipment. Dish does show the 322 on their website under the Get Programming section and then under the Digital Home Plan option that appears after that option is selected.

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