n00b question; What satellites am I accessing?


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Feb 23, 2004
I live in the chicago area, and have a dish, that supposedly picks up two different satellites. I have local channels over sat, the top120, hbo, as well as hdtv channels (the hd pak & HBO HD).

I have the 811 and 510 receivers, and I understand the 510 receiver has a 9 day epg, but also that it only works if you can access certain satellites? I guess the question is, which satellites do I access, and is the 9 day epg available?


Since you have a 510 and the HD pack you are getting both main slots (110 & 119).

The only other thing you could add is the 61.5 satellite. This requires a 2nd dish.

You can get this FREE by calling Dish Network since there are 5 Chicago stations on that sat.

If you add the FREE 61.5 dish this is a list of the other channels you will get.

Thanks for all the replies guys! The EPG does seem to extend past 2 days, now that I am checking it out (home for lunch), so that should have been the first thing I did..

It's good to know what satellites I get channels from though :)

As for the second dish, my installer said that I might have problems getting reception, as I have a tall fence in front of my house (railroad is just by the house) as well as some trees. I'm going to have to check out what channels I am missing though.

My biggest wish would be to get all the main local channels in HD over Sat, but I guess that's not an option at this point.

Thanks again!
I'm about 30 miles out, and do have a indoor antenna hooked up. Problem is I never get more than 49% on some channels (all the time), while other channels are at 80, but frequently drops down to 49, and kills the videofeed. This is one of the other issues reported with the 811, that it seems inconsistent on OTA HD channels, and that other receivers manage to show a nice picture where this one fails. I am looking into getting an outdoor antenna or a better tabletop one, to see if it will get me up to an acceptable level. As it is, the wife (and me too, really) don't see it as usable. Channels can take a couple of minutes to load, and drop out after 5 minutes. Other times they work for 20 minutes, when I switch to another station and right back, it can't lock on to the station at all.

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