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Sep 8, 2003
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The National Association of Broadcasters and its president Eddie Fritts continued their attacks on satellite radio, telling audiences at last week's NAB Radio Show that only time will tell whether XM and Sirius "live up to the hype of their multi-million dollar ad campaigns."

In his address, delivered to attendees at the NAB event in Philadelphia, Fritts took up the issue of satellite radio and local programming. "It seems curious that our satellite radio friends seem hell-bent on 'going local' if their national program service fails," he said.

"We're not against competition," Fritts said. "But satellite radio was authorized as a national programming service only. It is past time for the FCC to issue a final rule barring satellite radio companies from delivering locally originated programming."

Fritts' attack on satellite radio also hyped broadcast radio's local angle on news and information. He said while Hurricane Isabel ravaged the East Coast in September, "there weren't many people in Isabel's path who tuned to satellite radio for storm-tracking information."
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