Name any well-loved celebrities you can’t stand...

Taylor Swift? She's mighty easy on the eyes. ;) My least favorite "musician" is Mic Jagger.
While I may find many skinny women attractive, skinny is not my preference, and even with that Taylor Swift is not my type anyways. She was a little prettier (still not my type) when she had longer, curlier hair. And no, I usually don’t prefer curly hair on girls, but on select women it looks great (like Keri Russell).
Tom Petty was a dick. A friend was dumpster diving outside a recording studio and found some of his 2" master tapes in the trash. He played with them for some time since he had the equipment then later read Mr. Petty's master recordings were lost in a fire. He contacted Mr. Petty to let him know some tapes survived as a friendly gesture and without asking for anything. Then the layers started calling and threatening and then he got a call from Mr. Petty who told him he would squish my friend like a bug if the tapes were not returned. My friend started sending Mr. Petty one of the tapes, an inch at a time in the mail. That was many years ago and I never found out how that turned out.
I never thought Jim Carrey was funny. Also, I can't stand any incarnation of the Mr. Bean franchise, even though I think Rowan Atkinson is a genius in Blackadder.

Ever see diagonal framing?

Anyone know where I can rent this title?

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