NBA Draft has me hyped for coming season....but


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Apr 20, 2004
I'm becoming increasingly worried that there is about a snowball's chance in hell of me being able to see any NBA games outside of TNT and ESPN on VOOM this coming season (let alone all of my Bulls games).

I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but has anyone heard any new rumors about RSN's (Comcast Sports Chicago) or perhaps an NBA League Pass? I really don't want to have to sign up for cable just to get one channel. Ughh.
Crossing My Fingers

I am a new Voomer, and I'm very frustrated by the lack of RSNs. I was actually told by a CSR when I called to ask that the RSNs were available. Then after the install I discovered the ugly truth. I was within an inch of cancelling my service earlier this week (I was just installed 6-17-04). After reading many of the posts in this forum I have decided to give Voom a chance to add it down the road. Surely the folks at Voom are smart enough to realize that there are a ton of sports fans out there that will not sign up without the RSNs. I probably would not have signed up if the clueless CSR that I talked to knew what he was talking about. I get about half of the Texas Rangers games via OTA, so I'll just wait...
I made sure I told the CSR it was the reason I canceled. I'll come back as soon as they add this, but I just can't justify paying for a second service for one channel. I never thought I would choose one SD channel over 21+ HD channels.
It's funny how that works. I'd sacrafice a lot to have my Bulls games.

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