NBA HD First game Not working !!!!


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Nov 25, 2003
all I can say is WTF!!!!!!!
Way to blow it DISH

Anyone else having this issue?
Can you believe it? I called Dish and they confirmed. They haven't got the channel programmed correctly, so we can't watch the first game. They told me that they are getting lots of calls and are working to resolve the issue. I'm supposed to call her back in 1/2 hour. Nice !!!
LOL at first they told me I was blacked out. But as u can see I dont live anywhere near LA or NY.... and then I noticed all my NBA games were missing. Called back and they somehow screwed up my account and took off league pass. So they fix that then told me the HD channel will take 20-30 mins to come up!! Nice of them isnt it. I hope its not a national thing. Anyone else getting the NBA HD game on the 148 Sat?
just found this info.... Wish the CSR's knew this is would have saved me allot of phone time tonight

Here's the scoop from Alex in CO:

AEP subs are eligible for NBA TV which is available in SD on ch 402. AEP subs who also have HD are also eligible for NBA TV HD on ch 9425. The Knicks/Lakers game is showing on 402 as I write this.

Some new HD subs may not yet have received the weekly "macro" download from Dish that enables their new HD receiver to "see" the program on 9425. In my case, Alex said his "coach" will email someone who will enable my new 811 "before" next Friday (12/12).

My 811 was installed last Friday (12/5) around 1:00 p.m. ET, so I just missed the early-morning d/l.

Thanks for the info bmwaaron. My 811 just got installed tonight at 6pm so that would explain why I couldn't view the channel either. I guess I'll wait a week and see if the problem goes away.
me too, mine was installed today at 9am in anticipation for the Laker game on HD... Oh well at least they won :)
I tuned in around 1100 PM and it came up with the message saying call dish at 1800 333 DISH to order. Price was $0.00. My sub is AT150+Multi-Sport+Locals.

Well if it came saturday and I got my reciver yesterday that explains why i couldnt get the channel, my problem with the whole thing is why couldnt Dish tell me this? They kept telling me that I should be getting it and they would try and send out a hit to my reciver but nothing worked

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