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Mar 23, 2004
I'm currently suscribed to the Dish Sports pack which included NBA TV, the FOX sports regional network, MSG and a bunch of other stuff. My question is when I try to watch a NBA TV HD game on the Dish HD Event channels it prompts that I am not able to watch these games unless I have NBA league pass, or the sports pack. I called Dish Network and the CSR said that you can't watch NBATV HD if you have the sports pack, you have to have league pass. Can anyone explain this? Why would the info screen say you can have the sports pack and watch it but the CSR say you can't? Did Dish change this recently or something?

Thanks alot!
Thanks for the reply!

Yes I am currently subscribed to the HD pack and what is aep? I'm sorry pretty new here
I had same problem last night and called DISH. Tech support could not solve it so they refered me to Advanced Tech support. The guy there said I should be able to get it with HD pack, they just have to manually add it to my account.
I do not have sports pack, I only have AT 120, not even AEP. I suggest that the next time an HBA HD game is on, call back and keep asking why you cannot see it. I kept saying that from the guide I would try and select it and the PPV screen pops up and says cost is $0.00. 5 minutes after talkin to advanced tech support, I was watching the Spurs lose.

Hope this helps

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