NE1 in New Orleans area need E* equipment?


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Oct 3, 2003
I have my old E* to get rid of but I don't want deal with packing/shipping so I'm looking to see if there is anyone in the New Orleans area looking to buy some stuff:
1. 2 Dish 500s w/oval dishes & lnbs (I believe I have the 4 sw21s but may only have 3.
2. 2 basic receivers - I think one is a 3822 and the other is a 4722 (software updated to 4922).
3. 501 - it is a refurb replacement for my original 501. I had it in use for about 18 months after replacing the original failed 501.
4. All 3 remotes.

This stuff has been sitting on the floor of my room since December when I switched to DirecTV. I don't have any of the boxes that it all came in when I subscribed to E* back in '99. I've never ordered PPVs so there are no outstanding charges. If anyone is interested, I want them to come to me and inspect it before buying.

I'm kind of paranoid about shipping (especially the 501) because I would hate for someone to get something from me & pay for it, only to e-mail back that it doesn't work. If someone comes to my house, I can hook up the portable RV dish and we can verify right there that everything works and they can call E* to verify that the cards are clean. Plus I'm hoping to get rid of everything, lock, stock and barrell.